Sunday, October 11, 2009

Social Media: A Game Changer!

For anyone who is still arguing that they "don't have time to hear about someone eating a sandwich on Twitter", the video below will be an eye-opener. Twitter and many other social media sites are today's broadcast outlets, but now we are not being spoken to as much as we are sharing information with each other. Information about anything and everything...and at anytime we care to get it, 24/7.

Greysha and I are members of over 40 social networking sites and many of them are linked to each other. They all offer something different and are complementary. You can find a consolidated list of most of these sites we utilize at Join us on any or all of them.

From a real estate marketing point of view, it is ridiculous to continue to depend upon print ads when so many major newspapers are moving to electronic distribution. With 85% of home buyers searching online before they get into their cars to visit property with a Realtor, we are confident that we are on the right track and we're pleased to again be at the forefront of change.

Check out this video...and contact us today!

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