Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reasons To Buy Palm Springs Area Real Estate Now

Top 10 Reasons to Buy in Today’s Palm Springs Area Market:

(1) Declining Prices = Improved Affordability,Over 50% affordability

(2) Bargains – Short Sales/REO’s & Motivated Sellers Priced to Sell

(3) Favorable rates for qualified Buyers: FHA, VA & Conventional

(4) Renters & First Time Homebuyers can now buy at approximately what they were paying for rent and receive tax advantages.

(5) Declining Inventory-Inventory has been declining mthly in 2008

(6) Investors coming into real estate instead of stocks for it’s tax advantages and stability.

(7) Higher loan limits for conforming mortgages at the lowest rates

(8) Housing still the American Dream with quality of life benefits that are not just economical. Long term investment in real estate has always created wealth and security for retirement.

(9) The valley’s environment, quality of life, weather and beauty will always be a desirable factor as a place to live, work and play.

(10) You can’t predict the bottom of the market. No BELL will ring!

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